In The Morning 'No Agenda Show'
       Seek more Truth 'covid1984lies' YouTube Has Sensored a big portion of this sight for me
       What you should really worry about 'Dr Bill'
       And more of the Reptile's plans 'Spars 2025-2028'
       Another part of what they will blame on the Bat Soup not the "safe and effective" 'Spars 2025-2028 follow up'
       They just can't wait to get down to the 500 million like there guide stone's said 'Crimson Contagion'
       See them making some of their plans on October 18, 2019 'Event 201' it was like they could tell what was going to happen
       Who is it that has more power over your life then any president in our fasist world 'MONOPOLY - Who owns the world?'


       Maybe They will just Use a Word War to get to there goals
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